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losing home

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Our situation is continuing to decline -- quickly

I made a recent post on my blog and just thought that I would copy and paste it here to give full details of our dire situation:

We need help -- DESPERATELY

I certainly don't expect any single person to be able to meet all of these needs, but we're in trouble and I thought this might be the place to share. A small amount from many people can go a long, long way! Also, this way you can pray and know specifically about our needs:

We are 3 payments behind on our mortgage. I'm terrified of being evicted although there were so many signs from God that this is where He wanted us to be. It's a GREAT story but I'll share that seperately in another message.

We are over $1500 behind on our gas/electric bill. They've worked out a payment plan for us but it still costs us about $400 a month when you tie in the backpay agreement that we have to pay each month along with our full current bill. If we miss a payment, we will have to pay it in full or be shut off. Our water bill of $135 is also just about overdue. I don't know how we could live without gas/electricity/or water.

We are also behind on our telephone/internet bill. I know internet sounds like an extravagence but being mostly homebound, it is the best way that we can keep in touch with family and friends.

We have an empty (now broken but runable -thank you, Jesus!) gas tank in our car and three dollars in our bank accouont until my Social Security check comes on December 28. $250 of that is gone already, going to the man that I hit the other night. He has decided to not make a police report (thank you again, Lord!) but asked us to pay his insurance deductible (which he admitted he was going to pocket. Oh, well. It's my responsibility and I think that he was very kind and reasonable when you look at how things could have gone!

We need money to be able to get to our doctors' offices and to get our numerous prescriptions. Mine are two antidepressants, an antiaxiety, Ambien, and my pain medications. My husband's are an antidepressant, antianxiety, blood pressure, Plavix, Lipitor, pain medications (two failed back surgeries and a heart attack 3 years ago), plus about 3 or more that I don't even know the name of! I have no prescription insurance and was not eligible for any of the insurance supplements for medicare because I'm not 65. Medicare Part D would cost more a year than paying for the prescriptions outright.

Protein. We have a lot of canned goods but no meat once the turkey runs out (that 3 single guys from our church chipped in for to get us a Thanksgiving basket).

I have pawned my wedding rings. I just can't let them get sold. At this point, it is $159 to get them out. I have another month to get them out.

Vet bills. One cat has a broken arm and I can't just leave him like that. Right now, it's $54 for the x-rays and I have to take him back right after Christmas. I'm hoping they'll work out a payment plan with me. I also have a $488 bill from a cat that ended up dying in October despite extensive care.

A $120-something dollar doctor bill that if not paid by the end of the month will no longer allow me to see my doctor.

Car insurance. Yep, that's a biggie. I wouldn't be in the mess that I'm in if we hadn't let our insurance lapse.

I know there's more but my head is swimming. Please pray over these, ask your friends to pray over them, heck, ask strangers!

A "friend" started a fundraider for us, friends donated items for auction and put up a jar on a table with baked items for sale at a Christian coffeehouse. We had no access to the bank account that she put all the money in and she ended up stealing every penny out of it -- over $4000! I cried for days. Oh, what that money could have done. I'm tempted to make a cardboard sign and sit on the corner with a paper cup by this time.

We have always been faithful in our financial giving and beyond as well as giving much of time as our handicaps allow.

BTW, our local church has been a great help in the past but is tapped out ('tis the season). We've also checked every social agency in the area but no help is available either. Our mortgage is no higher than renting a small apartment here. I also have documentation for everything shared above as well as permission to contact our local church. Although I realize that it's unlikely that any one person could help us (though that would be a miracle in itself!) , but perhaps through the hands of many, we could at least make a dent in our pressing needs. I will promptly reply to any and everyone who shows any interest or advice in helping us. Thank you for your prayerful consideration over our situation. We are grateful for each and every one of them. May your Christmas be peaceful, joyful, and full of wonder. ·

Also, if it matters, my husband is a combat vet from Desert Storm (in the '90s). Thanks again for your prayers and for considering helping us in some way. If you know of someone who is looking for someone worthy to help this year, please pass the above on.
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We don't want "more"; we just want enough

I am a former inner-city missionary. I deliberately lived in poverty to relate to my poor neighbors. I don't live that lifestyle anymore but give above and beyond as I can. Sometimes that's been money, sometimes that's been my time.

I have been on Social Security Disability for almost 7 years. My husband, after working at his job of over 24 years, has taken a disbility retirement after 2 failed bacd surgreries. We have learned to lived simply but are behind in our mortgage (which in our area is no larger than rent in a small apartment), I have only Medicare, and between the two of us our income has been reduced to less than half, minus health insurance and prescriptions.

We can live simply (ramen noodles and .50 burrtos can sustain us, we've worn the same clothes for 8 years and anything 'new' comes from thrift stores), so we aren't hoping to have much.

Our utiity bills are way overdue, as is our mortgage. We aren't asking for cash but perhaps Visa/Mastercard giftcards to pay pur mortgage and utitilities. Those would also pay for gas for our 20 year od vehicle and our doctor and prescripton bills. Checks would be helpful but not expected.

We've used every resourse we can regarding our mortgage, medical, and utility bills. We don't use credit cards but are in immediate debt of 8,000 -10,000 dollars. Again, this wouldn't give us extra but enough to catch up. Our combined income is less than 2,000 a month but if we can get caught up, somehow we'll figure out a way to make it work.

Any and all would help. Please contact us if you can offer anything. We do give as we can and are trusting that people out here would please help us, too. We promise to pay it forward.

Thanks for listening/reading and please reply if you can help. I will reply immediately.

Peace and hope,
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Suicide has caused problems

My daughter lost her boyfriend to suicide approx. 16 months ago. They were going through a tough time and she had left him and I guess he just lost all hope. My daughter has been carrying this burden around with her feeling it is all her fault. She started drinking heavily and Tuesday night she also tried to end her life. The sad thing is she is only 24 and just graduated college. She is a beautiful, smart girl with a future ahead of her.They had lived together for a couple of years and bought a home with his death came the added stress of her paying all of the bills. She has struggled since and I guess all of the stress was too much. She works a 32 hour weekend shift at a childrens home which is stressing her out that she is losing out on income because of being in the hospital. She is worried about losing her home and paying her bills which is not helping her situation. We are struggling right now or would pay her bills for her as any parent would. She can not get a lone because she has been late on payments because of her situation. I just need advice on where we can get her some financial help to get her through this period of her life so she can get back on her feet instead of feeling liking she is sinking deeper and deeper-this I can try to get done for her so she can concentrate on getting better. Thank you in advance for any advice you send
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Disabled veteran and single mom going to lose home

I am a 100% disabled veteran and a single mother. I just got scammed big time by my ex who ended up taking me for a little over $164,000. Before he came into our lives, I had no problems with bills. Now, I have no idea what I am going to do. There will definitely be no Christmas this year!!! I am facinf foreclosure on my house and I can't have that happen. Where would we go? I have no family left. I cry every single day because I am so scared of losing my home. If anybody can help me out, I would appreciate it soooo much. I have always helped people my whole life, now it is my turn.
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About kbillups

The good old boys' network has taken another black male to jail. My husband stood up for his rights and filed complaint against an officer that was power crazy. Now he is in jail for assualt against an officer for 10 months with no prior assualt charges against him. His lawyer was supposed to defend him but we knew something just wasn't right when he kept promising to make certain statements and ask questions while in recess during his trial however on the contrary when we would return to the courtroom nothing was down. I told my husband it was time to address the judge but some how he thought that even without the lawyer on his side the court would see the truth.  After his trial we returned to the courtroom only to find his public defender and the officer who made the false claim laughing together and talking about their weekend  golfing, unaware that we stood directly behind them. At this start of all  of this we had an African American woman but suddenly she no longer worked for the Public Defender's office and this "lawyer" took over the case. Still to this day we have no idea about what happened. Without looking at us in the eyes she said she will no longer be able to handle the case...the end.

Now my life is upside down. Suddenly, I'm forced to survive without any kind of support. I have a 1 & 3 year and paying for daycare while trying to keep my job and maintain a home and trying to give them some stability until their father returns is definitely a struggle. I need $1000/mth for daycare for the two of them for the next 9 months in order to keep things going and not losing everything that I have. I don't own a home. I make too much money for government assistance and too little to survive. Its like you have to hit rock bottom in order for someone to recognize that you need help. If I had somewhere to go like move in with a family member I would but I dont have that option other than moving my children into a shelter that around here we would probably be on a waiting list to get into. I don't want to become dependpent on anyone. I know that my husband will return home one day and at a minimum be able to be with our children while I work and even though we will not be able to save money we will at least be able to live check to check.

My bills are continuosly falling behind because I have to have my babies somewhere while I work until midnight. In this economy if I lose my job I will not find another like it. I have no savings to fall back on and nothing to sell or even have collateral to take a loan out against something. Its the little things, my car needs an inspection and my tires will not pass because I can see the fibers starting to show. Food and gas are a struggle. My electric has a cancellation date on the 10th of this month.

I'm not sure who to turn to so I send my prayer for support during this challenging time for my family to the world if anyone can help me please do.

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About neveraskedforhelp


I have never asked for help before but I have never been in jeopardy of being homeless.  I lost my job in March and my life keeps getting worse every day.  I cannot sleep or eat properly (have lost ten to fifteen pounds since lost job) anymore cry every day and pray everyday I keep the electricity on before the energy company disconnects me.  I do not have my rent money and do not know where it will come from.  I have spent the last two months actively looking for work.  I have contacted Workforce Solutions, sent out resumes through craigslist, all newspapers and recently had to go on SNAP to get food.  I have skills type at least 60 wpm and am very good on the computer.  I do not understand how it has been so difficult to find employment.    I have sent hundreds of applications to all types of companies not just companies looking for secretarial work, home depot, target, restaurants, grocery stores, etc. Nothing has worked.   I am past due on my electricity, my car payment and rent is due next week.  If I do not find employment soon I will be homeless.   Please I beg someone to help me get these vital things taken care of before I loose everything.  I have no family to help and am a single mother with two daughters.   I am a good person and have always paid my bills I have no self esteem and have been depressed for months.  I feel like a bad mother as I am always upset and stressed.  I do not know what to do anymore I need help,  I spent the last two weeks trying to get help from churches and community groups who say they have no funding. Because I do not have any money my daughter is living at her dads house (oldest daughter away at school) and because she is not under my roof TANF will not help me with bills only food benefits.    

I can work for help or begin a repayment plan as soon as I have employment.  Please I am so scared and do not know where to go or turn trying every method I know.   I pray God will help me before I loose everything.  I have been low on money before but never had no money and no where to turn for help.  I am so stressed I can not imagine not having a home to live. Please in Jesus name I pray someone help me turn my life into one of peace and prosperity I need to have hope as I feel completely hopeless.

Thank you for reading. 


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About ndesperateneed

I really don't know where to begin - it is hard for me to admit that

I need help

I live with my 2 sons in KY we live in my grandmothers home

our family was always the kind that took care of itself - i never thought that i would be left alone with only my children

the home i live in - which was my grandmothers  and the only place that I have ever lived - is in jeopard of being taken away due to delinquent taxes - if you could see the insides you would not think that it is much - but it means a great deal to me and my children -

if i could get some help paying the delinquent taxes and funds for repairs a great worry would be lifted

i am attempting to help my children go to college - they both graduated from high school and due to sickness and illnesses in my family were unable to attend college - the finacial burden was also a strain

 at long last my oldest son is getting to go to college in the fall - my younger son continues to work part time - he has chronic asthma and is unable to do jobs that would pay more money - however, he does work - and it is my goal that he too will be able to go to college

i anyone could help me it would be greatly appreciated

i know people ask for things all the time - if my credit was whereas i could get a loan I would, however, due to a failed marriage, my credit is horrendous

i am begging that someone would help me keep my home - if i lose my home, all will be lost

i am not looking for a hand out - just for a little help to get me on my feet

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About koolmom68

Please I need help I have three kids and Im married, Me and my husband filed bankrupcy last year cause we were so buried in depth :( please im about to lose our home, we both have jobs mine being part time and its just so rough, I homeschool my kids due to rough invoroments around thier schools, I am so depressed and cry all the time. I cant afford half the times to feed my kids but I always manage to make sure at least they dont go hungry rather it be roman  noodles :( I cant afford anything we are always late paying our electric bills and I cant take no more. My kids cry every time they see me cry and that just breaks my hurt that much more so please I really need help I need money that I dont have to pay back  Im three months behind on my morgatage and waiting vanyday for the eviction notice pleaseeeeee help
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About santabest

my name is kyle i recently was honorable discharged from military in 2006 since my wife left me and i have full custody of my 5 children 4 girls and 1 boy. i met a wonderfull woman that loves me and she has 3 girls together we have 8 kids and we couldn't be happier with life. we are both wanting to get married but we are still both married. we are also losing are home we have already lost our jobs, 2 cars and now our home has been forclosed awaiting sheriff's action. we are looking for a home in watertown new york or close to this area. we have no income and would like any help money wise to get us up to ny. so we can try and get some housing if the government can help us with that. we only have 6 months before they kick us out on the streets with my medical condition it's hard to find a job for the skills i have. we are a big family and in need of help fast. 

our current address is

537 tenney ave.  campbell , ohio  44405  

at least until we are forced out of our home.

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About irishangel

I am the mother of 3, and I desperately need some financial assistance  We will lose out home because i messed up paying our property taxes.  My parents are deceased and I have no where to turn for financial help.  We make it form paycheck to paycheck.  I only need about $7500.00 to help me get back on track.  I have taken the needed steps to get a higher paying job and I am now just waiting for a position. If anyone can find it in their hearts to help me keep our home, I would greatly appreciate any help you all can give.  One day when I am better situated, I will pay your good deed forward and help someone that is in need.  Thank you for your generosity.

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About jendawn37

I am a 44 year old female that is about to be homeless, and have no current means of transportation.  Everything is kind of happening at once.    My husband is very abusive, and I have worked the whole marriage.  well I recently lost a job because I was having a hard time getting to work (out of town) and having transportation problems, and was late one to many times.  Anyhow, after losing job, my car decided to quit running.  My husband tells me that he hasnt been in love with me for awhile, and him and his mother basically told me i had a couple weeks to move out.  I have no family,  as my parents are deceased and I am very scared of the prospects of homelessness.  I know I can stay at the shelter, but having no car is very hard to find a job, keep a job, and during the hours that the shelter does not allow you to stay, what and where will i go.  I'm very scared, overwhelmed, and anxious about this whole thing.  I feel like I have nobody to talk to.  I have been praying, and maybe HE lead me to this website.  Does anyone have any suggestions or tips for me.  I feel like such a loser right now, and maybe a little pep talk will snap me out of it? 

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About Sissy7

I am a mother of a 15 yr. old Autistic child. He is the biggest joy in my life. We are in need of just alittle help. I am behind on our mortage and just can't seem to catch up. This is the only home my son has ever known and i dont how he could cope if we lost it. Im not so much worried about me but it is the world to an Autistic child to have to face change. It is unbelievable how a small amount of money can destroy so much. God Bless to those who have helped others in the time of need and i pray that there is someone out there who can help me.

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About Mandilou9

My husband, I and our 15 month old daughter are losing our house on July 1st because my husband was laid off last March.  He is a computer programmer and mistakes he's made in the past from misdemeanors brought on by alcohol (he's reformed now and has been alcohol free for 2 years) is keeping him from getting the employment he is so good at.  I have a Master's degree and this is where I end up.   I have a good job but it's not enough to cover our bills.  The only house we can move to is 77 miles away and missing a few walls.  It's basically a shack.  We need a miracle.  We have no money.  All of our savings had to pay bills.  We need a miracle in the Broken Arrow/Tulsa area.  If you can help, please email me at  God bless.

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About Rekah


 My name is Kim Huddleston.  I had a son in 1995. His name is Eliezer Robinson.  He became brain damaged shortly after birth through negligence of the hospital and emergency room doctor.  I took care of my son all of his life until he passed in 2007.  He was 12 years old.  I did not do it by myself, this was a family affair of support.  The judge appointed a guardianship over his trust funds while I took care of him in my home all of his life.  Now he has passed on and now the guardianship sent me an eviction notice because they want to sell my home to pay off his medical bills after they mismanaged his funds.  I really need some help now.  How can I pay off these medicals without losing my home.  I don't want me and my other children to be homeless after living here for 5 years.  Please email me at or call (home) 615-530-8346 or  (cell) 954-594-5903.  I need some help immediately because I received the notice to vacate in February.

Kim Huddleston - Woman in Distress

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About tigerperry100

Hello everyone, I am about to lose my home because of back property taxes. It's a large sum, $15,000. What happened was, when I divorced, (my only marrige at 43 years old) after 4 years of marriage, I just had a very bad time coping. I had a nervous breakdown and was a terrible mother. Needless  to say after a couple of years I received treatment, but was told I was a manic depressent, and had bipolar disorder.... I continued to get treatment. That was 4years ago and treatment has really helped me a lot. I will be on medication for the rest of my life, but Iam loving life..My home will be lost as of Nov. 9th of 2009 this year if I can't pay the taxes...Iam not asking for the whole sum, just alittle bit of help because I do work but only part time. I take care of the elderly and I am signed up and work with two different agencies. There just isn't enough work to go around..

Thank you all,


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mom e of 4  

we wish we could help you all

Dear Friends In Need of help,

We are so sorry that we could not help more families at this time with rent,  each post sent, was read and caused many to shed tears, No one had the heart to pick which familes were in the worst condition so we decided to have a drawing the families have been notified and gave permission for us to post thier names,  The Simmons Family from Lansing MI, The Bonkowski Family from Baltimore, Md, and The Dawson Family from Chicago, IL.....  Please dont be to upset your name was not picked we have saved all post and we are now currently trying to raise funds to have this same program next month. IIf your family submitted a request for assistance in Febuary we will automaticly re enter your name. Also some of the ladies have donated time to help out so if we can help you located a certain program for assitance in your state please let us know what you need.. Thanks so much for allowing us on this site and as the funds come in we will make sure they go out to help the people in need on aidpage...... 

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Angela66   in reply to SysBot   on

Aidpage group discussing "losing home"...

Well got lucky and got my section 8...still struggling tho. State assistance is trying to force me to work even tho 3 docs and the courts say no way. Got my determination for my appeal for social security disability ..was denied, so lawyer is filing another appeal.State assistance cut me down from $489 a month to $402...and food stamps from $463 a month to $235. How especially in the winter in michigan do they expect someone who can't work to support 3 people and pay these high cost heating and water bills is beyond me. Told my psychiatrist that I feel my life is fubar'd. I have anxiety and stress disorder and severe post traumatic depression. Then found out after telling doc that my leg hurt after a fall 2 1/2 yrs ago..finally decides to pay attention and now having knee surgery Jan 13th...then possible jaw surgery...also trying to be a support to my closest friends. 1 of them is a marine vet from vietnam and ww2 and they cut his assistance bigtime and he's having a major struggle getting assistance on a water bill..his wife has ms etc and can't work..govt doesn't care. Another friend's husband works for a GM supplier and now their cutting people there bigtime..already closed down the whole 3rd shift trying to support her while she's scared what will happen if her husband gets laid off.

I didn't vote for Obama but am keeping a close eye on what he's going to do and how he plans on helping us all. Crazy..Bush had no problem helping the other countries that he's living the country he was suppose to care for is suffering bigtime. 

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About julieboolie

Hi I lost my job in March of 2008 due to my disabilty I now have to wear leg braces to walk. I have been unable to make my house payment and am in foreclosure but right now I just need money to pay my utilities and for food and gas, I'm on propane and it's ridiculously expensive but have to have heat and hot water HELP PLEASE?

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About kkat

just like everyone else looking for a miracial. in default looking at forclosure, no job in sight at this time 2 work related injuries againest me. out of money out of family been here 17 years and thought i'd have a home for the rest of my life but how things change, has any really gotten help from this site? is there hope out there still?
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Running out of hope

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. I have to think that God must have a better plan someday. Things have continued to husband took the easy way out and  abandoned us. He ran off with another woman and has left his two teenage boys and our youngest to wonder where he is and what has happened. I am trying my best to raise them and work 2 fulltime jobs but it is never enough. We are at the point of losing our home like most Americans because the government is coming after me for my husbands debts since they cannot find him. He has turned out to be the devil in diguise. Please pray that God will show us the way soon because I am running out of hope.......

Hurt, Distraught and Rejected   

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